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Barn Owl Box

The Barn Owl was erected by Derby City Council. It was both made and paid for by a very generous supporter of the Meadows who wished to contribute something as a memorial to a close member of his family.


When installations like this are put in place, it is with the understanding that nothing might move in. However, to our great excitement, at the beginning of the following May a pair of Barn Owls moved into the box who then went on to successfully breed and rear four owlets who fledged in the middle of July.


The adult birds are still around on the reserve and it is hoped that they will stay and produce a second brood this year or a new one next year. Many people have reported seeing the owls flying around and hunting at different times of the day.  The adults will have chased the young birds off in what is called dispersal and hopefully they will find new territories and breed in years to come. 

owl cropped
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